Wednesday, December 16, 2009

felt christmas stockings tutorial

in recent years i've taken up the habit of making some of my inlaws' christmas gifts. last year we sent everyone my "extra shopping bags" (as seen in my shop). this year we thought it would be fun for me to make everyone stockings, since no one in the husband's family has them- stockings are not a finnish tradition. it was an enjoyable diversion from my normal sewing- and the most challenging part was simply the design.

the materials i used for 5 stockings:
1/2 yard 72" red felt (easily made 3 stockings with leftover scraps)
1/2 yard 72" charcoal felt
matching thread

the materials i used for the stocking decor:
scraps of white, red, and charcoal felt
grosgrain ribbon
one giant red button


1. draw + cut your pattern.
i decided to make less traditional looking stockings- made completely of straight edges. my stockings are all about a foot tall. sorry for the bad pictures...

2. design your stocking. draw + cut all the pieces for your design.

i drafted a bunch of designs and then created a template in my publisher. the rest i just freehanded. i wanted a simple, modern, whimsical feel, so i used circles of various sizes, and flowers i designed out of rhombuses.

3. pin the pattern on top of two layers of felt and cut around the pattern (i didn't bother tracing the pattern on). you should have both pieces of your stocking.

4. cut a strip of felt for the loop used for hanging. i suggest it be about .75" wide 3.5"-4" long (and when folded it'll be half that).

5. sew a straight line down the center of the strip for your hanging loop- it will help reinforce the felt and make it sturdier.

6. sew on your designs (hand-sew or machine-sew) onto the top piece of your stocking first.

the only exception to this when i made mine is the stocking with the largef lower and button in the center- i sewed that on last, by hand. you could also glue your designs on if you're pressed for time, but it may not last as long.

7. fold the loop in half and sew onto the top upper left edge (or right, if your stocking is facing the opposite direction of mine) of your bottom stocking piece (so, your loop will be inside your stocking). i sewed back and forth 2-3 times to reinforce.

8. pin the front and back pieces together (design side facing up), sew around the edges, and you're done!

the rest of the stockings: the gray ones are for the men, and the red ones are for the women. i'm pretty happy with how they turned out; and i hope my in-laws will enjoy them (i'm betting on the fact that they aren't reading about this before christmas)! despite the christmas chaos, this was a really fun project for me. i especially enjoyedthe ease of sewing with felt, as the cut edges are perfectly fine raw. i know there isn't much time before christmas, but if you're in the mood, there is still some time to whip up one of these babies.


  1. these are so funky. i like that you didn't go the traditional route with their angular shape. the flowers are my favourite, with the button on top (ok, i realize i sound like elf.. "smiling is my favourite!" .. but they are!)

  2. Came over from Ana's Archive Dive, and I'll agree with her. These are so funky and pretty cool, too!



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