Friday, March 21, 2014

a little hut paper quilt collection

while searching for more items that my silhouette could cut, i stumbled across this set of boxes/ paper wall art from a little hut.  several of these fit in nicely with my style preferences, and a few of them even resemble some of my own designs (particularly the second one down on the right).

i purchased her paper quilt collection (a file set of nine), and spent an afternoon cutting, scoring, and taping before putting them above the mantle. the silhouette is actually pretty slow! 

i didn't realize what a pain accurately spacing them out would be.

despite my best efforts, they still appear a little askew-- partially because of the slight curving on the sides of the "boxes".  i decided i don't care.

overall, i'm pleased with the look, and since they were so inexpensive to make, i can always change them out for something else later or make some alterations as i see fit. i'm already contemplating removing my least favorite ones! 

they can also be used as gift or storage boxes, so it's likely i will cut more in the future for those purposes.  

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