Thursday, May 30, 2013

washi tape accordion notecard

i've been busy getting sick, working, traveling for a wedding, working, and getting sick again.  yes, i said working.

so busy that once again crafting has fallen to the wayside.   the most i've been able to squeeze in is a quick washi tape accordion notecard.

all i needed was a sheet of cardstock, washi tape, and my corner punch (mine is from making memories), and five minutes.  i cut the cardstock into four notecards with my paper cutter, and put aside one since i only really wanted to make a trifold... is a trifold too small to be called and accordion?

placing two pieces next to each other flush, i ran a piece of washi tape centering it on the seam (i just eyeballed it), flipped it over and did the back seam.  i repeated this step for the last notecard, and also lined the very ends with more washi tape.  i trimmed the excess washi tape from the edges.

i then folded the notecard in half (so that it's just two layers, not all three), and used my corner punch to round out the edges.  i had to push pretty hard because it was so thick, but my trusty punch made it through cleanly.

as you can probably tell, i was so pressed for time that i didn't even bother pulling out my nicer camera and just documented the process haphazardly with my phone.  

the next couple of months will be equally busy but i'll try to be better!  what have you been busy with lately?

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