Tuesday, March 12, 2013

happiness in a jar for 12.99

i had a craving for something sweet, and as usual i wasn't about to ignore it.   
i found myself in whole foods where i stood for at least twenty minutes trying to pick the perfect dessert.  i went with a tiny, overpriced coconut cake.    

but before i managed to leave whole foods, i was distracted by a small, beautiful bouquet in a mason jar in the floral section.  there was no price tag.  i was very curious what it went for.  the florist was not in sight, and i waited patiently for several minutes for someone to come help me. i was greeted by a scruffy farmer looking guy wearing flannel and a cap...   like really scruffy. 

"hi, did you need help?"

"yes, i was wondering if this mason jar bouquet was for sale, and for how much?"

scruffy farmer man examined the jar. 

"it's not priced, and i don't know when this was made. but the water looks fresh, so maybe today?  the florist is gone for the day, so i can't ask.   if you want to buy it, i could price it for 12.99 for you. i don't think i can go any lower than that."

"i'd be willing to take it for 12.99."

scruffy farmer man fiddled around through a bunch of papers to get the price code. handed me a card with the information on it. 

"uh, do you want a ribbon with it?"

"sure, why not?"

scruffy farmer man fumbled with some box under the counter. i heard crashing noises followed by a lot of swearing about bad quality construction.  he emerged with a box of ribbon for me to select, and spent many minutes awkwardly trying to replicate a bow that the florist has out as a sample.   

"this is the best i can do. i'm sorry it looks like a ...bow tie."

"oh it's fine, really, i think it looks great. thank you."

for some reason i found this entire encounter amusing. it probably had something to do with watching the scruffy farmer man try to tie a delicate bow with his big hands.  you're probably scratching your head right now and wondering what the point of this story was.

none, really, aside from sharing the beauty of my mason jar flowers.   ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers ever.  

aren't they beautiful?  i just couldn't pass them up for $13, although i probably shouldn't have spent the money.   there was a time when i thought fresh flowers were a waste.  but ever since i lived in finland, with the long winters where most things are sleeping or dead, i have loved having fresh flowers around.

how often do you have fresh flowers at home? 

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  1. Those are beautiful!!! Also, you just made me look up images of ranunculus. I also have always thought those were beautiful, but I thought they were genetically modified roses with more petals...maybe they are cousins :) We never have fresh flowers at home--not in the budget at the moment. But whenever the gas companies decide to lower their prices, I could buy a lot more of everything and help out the economy more ;)



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