Tuesday, February 14, 2012

semi-circle knit top

a couple months ago, my cousin did a clothing swap with a friend of hers and received this in the exchange: 

she showed me the shirt in exasperation, wondering what possessed her friend to
1) buy a shirt with a giant hello kitty face on it
2) thought she'd want it  

my cousin quickly admitted that the top has a cute cut and is extremely comfortable.  she then very generously gave me the shirt, and said i could use it as a pattern to make her a new shirt.  


so i did.  

if you can't tell from the photo, the shirt is basically a semi-circle.  i chose a navy knit for her.  

fun sleeves, no?  sent it in the mail, and it was well received.  two of our other cousins saw it and immediately texted me asking me to make them shirts too.  maybe after i make one... for myself. 


  1. hah! well done!

    so, what did you do with the hello kitty shirt? i could see that transformed into something else. i think you've got your hands full now with orders for these shirts, though!

  2. i still have the hello kitty shirt! i don't know what i should do with it. i was thinking about donating it?



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