Thursday, September 29, 2011

packaging edison

half the fun of making a gift is deciding how to package it... for me at least  the elephant in the last post was a present, and i contemplated a while on how to tag him.  i made this card with edison's story inside (see story in the post below).  my lotus root pattern is printed on one side of a 3"x3" card that fits into a square envelope, also with my lotus root pattern printed on side.  the husband kindly participated by making me an envelope template.

my chinese is very limited and i made a typo.  oops.

unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture of it, but i cut slits in the envelope, slid a ribbon into it, and then tied it around the elephant's head.  it was all sorts of adorable. truthfully, deciding how to present edison was almost more fun than making him.


  1. this stationary rocks. I couldn't tell there was a mistake in your Chinese if that makes you feel better...



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