Monday, August 29, 2011

another laptop case...

this time for my macbook.   

the outside (canvas) fabric is made by another finnish company, finlayson.  i have it in two color ways, and felt that a laptop case would be a worthy use of this grey, brown, and white one.  the inside is lined with a basic purple cotton fabric.  i padded it with stiff interfacing and two layers of felt, much like in my kindle tutorial. 

on the "front", i chose to pleat it the same way i pleated this clutch, thanks to noodlehead's tutorial.  


  1. I love it! The pleating on the front is so cute. Whenever I get around to buying a laptop, I'm gonna commission one of these from you. (=

  2. love this! please do a tutorial on how to make this!

  3. What a pretty laptop case! I shan't show you mine, it's not anywhere near as pretty :P

  4. So cute! So excited to be following you now :) hopped over from imadeitso

  5. thanks everyone!

    welcome, abby! glad to have you here :)

  6. Ah love this one! ;)
    visiting from imade it so

  7. How would I get this fabric?



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