Thursday, October 14, 2010

no-sew sizzix fleece scarf

this summer i purchased a sizzix bigkick for my crazy christmas products. on a whim i thought i'd take a stab at making a hole-y no-sew fleece scarf with one of my (two) die cuts.

you need:
a sizzix bigkick (or other compatible sizzix machine)
sizzix bigz die - 1" circles
fleece 6" x however long you want it

i ran the fleece through my bigkick repeatedly, carefully making sure the holes stay aligned. then i trimmed around the holes to finish it up (a bit tedious, but didn't take too long).

If you don't know how the sizzix works, basically you create a sandwich: an acrylic cutting board on top, the fabric, the die cut (facing up), with the 2nd cutting pad on the bottom. you push the sandwiched pieces through the machine to make the cuts.

i'm still not sure how i feel about this scarf. i kind of like it and i kind of don't. i like the concept, but it's a little fragile. also, the husband pointed out that all the holes kind of defeat the purpose of a scarf. but i think it can be cute on a cool autumn day...  maybe?

the final product

an easy way to make the scarf wider would be to have a 12" wide piece of fleece folded in half (so 6" wide X whatever length), thus giving the neck more coverage.  the die cut should be able to get through the two layers (although i haven't tried yet).  i have another idea on how to make this better, but it'll have to wait!

so what do you think? ugly? yes or no. i can handle the truth... the fleece only cost me $1.


  1. I don't think it's ugly. It's different. I don't know that i could pull it off but I can see how other people would look just marvelous.

    Good job. Very creative!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so cool!!! I love that machine!

  3. It's not ugly!! Jesh I actually love it :) So cool! xo

  4. alright, this so nutty! i think it's cool. i'm imagining two layers of that and a funky other fabric sandwiched between.

    also, i must find me a marimekko store apparently! :P



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