Sunday, September 26, 2010

the one-hour dress

when one of my best friends showed me this dress tutorial she wanted to make, i immediately wanted to make one too. so we journeyed together to the fabric store and made an evening out of it. she chose a turquoise knit almost identical to the one pictured, and i chose a honey (or mustard) linen blend.


without a belt, the dress is enormous. it could double as shelter in an emergency. with a belt (and a bit of adjusting) it becomes pretty cute (although not exactly slimming with this fabric). i was bombarded with compliments when i wore it to the office.

notice that the folding is more dramatic with linen

if you read the comments on the tutorial, most agree that the dress takes much longer than an hour. i especially enjoyed the comment by user liudadovy, "my experience as a sewer: nothing that claims to take an hour actually ever does, and it always looks like it took an hour, and it shall be worn for exactly an hour."

i believe our one multi-hour dresses actually took us over four hours from start to finish. i added inside pieces to stabilize the collar, and serged all the seams. my friend went even further by adding darts, and nipping and tucking in the sides. we also didn't have a french curve, which added to our time. we created templates using the neckline curve from one of my tops, and the waistline of one of my dresses. both worked out fairly well, except the neck ended up a bit wide.


  1. this is so cute... will definitely will take a look at the tutorial... have a nice one!

  2. Super cute! You are so talented!

  3. Oh that is just darling! I can imagine Dita Von Teese wearing it! :D

  4. no wonder you got compliments, it is stunning! great colour choice. (and too funny about the emergency shelter)... :)

  5. thank you!

    @ ana: haha well, sometimes it's good to have clothes with a dual purpose ...



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