Saturday, August 7, 2010


today i have a show and tell. was having a sale the other week, so i ordered a set of mini moo cards and also ordered a set of cards for the heck of it.

i wasn't completely sold on the idea of mini moo cards when i first heard about them, but now i am totally on board. so small and cute! i uploaded four of my designs. i love the itty bitty box they come in.

with the greeting card pack i played with a couple of photos i took: icelandic horses, and my photos of a play-doh penguin that has sadly dried and is slowly falling apart. for some reason, i can't bear to throw him out. i'm going to have to reshoot the penguin pictures (light poorly diffused), but i like the concept.
 the card in the back says "having a bad day? i know how you feel. i used to be a penguin".


  1. Awe thats so sad but so adorable at the same time hehe I love these!! Have a great week gorgeous xo

  2. That penguin idea is so cute!

  3. these are insanely cute! i've been considering moo cards, i think you just nudged me over to the "just get it" side.. thanks :)



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