Wednesday, June 30, 2010

who loves macarons?

i do! do you?

i first tasted a macaron several years ago, and while i can not recall when and where i first tasted this delightful treat, i can say with utter certainty that it was love at first bite. in recent years, there has been quite a macaron craze, and i have often found myself ogling over tartelette's blog, daydreaming about her luscious looking macaron recipes.

one day i felt restless with an overwhelming desire for a macaron. my recent local tastings had mostly underwhelmed me, so i puttered around my kitchen and realized i had nearly everything i needed to make green tea macarons with raspberry marscapone filling (save the raspberry preserves). the next day i procured my final ingredient, and bravely tried to make my very first batch, using tartelette's in-depth recipe (and the filling from her recipe here). there were many times i sensed failure, and tried to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable tantrum that would follow (think julie from the movie julie and julia).

but they came out, more or less properly with little feet. sure, they were a tiny bit flat, on the large side, and the filling was quite thin- sadly, you can't see the filling sandwiched between. but i really did not care, as they tasted oh. so. good. the husband and i were all over it, and it was incredibly difficult to find the generosity in my heart to pack a box to share with people at work.

after this happy attempt, i could not stop thinking about macarons. i wanted more; i wanted different flavors. i knew for the sake of time and my waistline, i couldn't spend all my evenings and weekends experimenting with batch after batch of different flavored macarons. so, instead, i decided the next best thing was to find a bakery in houston that could fulfill my needs in small quantities.

i already knew that jungle cafe in chinatown sold macarons, but they were disappointing. i once encountered macarons at andres pastry and cafe, which were lovely, but sadly rarely offered. central market also carried them for a brief time, but quite some months ago, and i never had a chance to try them. so i was searching for something new- and i discovered maison burdisso. maison burdisso's macarons are only sold at kuhl linscomb (for a hefty price), rice university's farmers market, and the midtown farmers market at tafia.

i first tried a lemon macaron at kuhl linscomb and was immediately in love. this was it. absolutely delicious. chewy, well-infused flavor, and not too sweet. needless to say, i wanted more, but not at $3.75 each.

on the next free saturday, i dragged the husband to tafia's, looking for maison burdisso's table. i couldn't help myself and bought seven flavors. she has forty-three flavors listed on her website, and she rotates the flavors she brings to the farmers markets.  the best ones we tasted that day? orange. violet. rose. but they were all scrumptious.

so if you live in houston, and need a macaron fix... what are you waiting for?


  1. Good for you for attempting the macaron. I've been a bit scared to make these yummy delights. One day I'll be brave. Oh my gosh! The colors in these are so vibrant and pretty! I wish I lived closer. :)

  2. I love the little buggers too although they can be tricky to make! I particularly love the citrus flavours, they counter the sweetness so well! :)



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