Monday, November 2, 2009


this halloween i was convinced by a coworker to be part of an "under the sea" theme. we've been dressing up for the past few years, and as usual, i wanted to be the exact same thing as i was the year before (last year i was a mushroom). however, i was immediately won over when she showed me the picture of a jellyfish costume in her family fun magazine (complete with instructions):

yes, i am aware that this is a costume for a child.

they usually are the best ones. i more or less made up my own instructions, but still used the picture as a guide. i wanted to be more realistic looking, so i chose all white and iridescent fabrics and ribbons. i also very much wanted to glow. yep, that's right- GLOW. in order to accomplish this, i hand-stitched on little elastic loops approx 3 inches apart around the rim of the straw hat as the very first step, before gluing on the felt base:

i bought a few packages of glow bracelets (see first image) which i planned to loop through the elastic the morning before i showed off my costume at work. i was able to recycle last year's outfit since i was a mushroom (mushroom hat-same concept as the jellyfish- also from the same magazine), a white dress i got from express for $10 and footless tights.
a picture of it partly complete (before the top layer of iridescent fabric):

and finally:

see how i glow? on friday i glowed blue and saturday i glowed pink. jealous much? want to be a jellyfish next halloween? mmhmm i thought so...


  1. That is amazing! I didn't even know you had a blog! It's lovely to talk to you again! x

  2. That's a cool costume!

    (Here from the Snowmen thread)

  3. What an awesome costume. Very creative.


  4. Jumped over from Ana's archive dive- what an awesome costume!!!



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