Sunday, July 19, 2009

badge id

i am a firm believer that everyday objects should be both functional and pretty. this is especially true at work. whether it’s a colorful assortment of file folders, a funky memo board, or a stylish looking white out pen, the effects on my mental health are extra positive. for me, the details really do matter.

my day job requires everyone to wear a badge on the premises. most people either wear their badges on a lanyard or a badge reel. personally, i have always worn mine on an ugly black lanyard that also conveniently holds my keys. the biggest problem with this lanyard, as i just mentioned, is that it’s ugly. the other problem is somehow my badge id always falls off, despite my attempts to keep it securely attached. this makes me unhappy, since i basically have these items on my person for over 40 hours a week. that is a lot of time to be wearing something ugly.

i have been toying with some time with different ideas on how to wear my id and carry my keys around without using that hideous lanyard. while i haven’t completely sorted out how i want to carry my keys (should it be a key fob or a prettier lanyard?!), this weekend i decided a badge reel would suffice for my badge after i beautified it a little. i did this by adding a fabric covered button over the top.

before: boring badge id reel (although i do like gray) with the materials to make a covered button.

after: totally cute and acceptable!

i am ALMOST excited about going to work on monday just because i can wear it…and that makes the effort all the worth while.

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