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i'm a texan that has played expat in both finland and taiwan.
you'll find me mentioning finland quite often because i am married to a finn, and the finnish-american connection will be a permanence in my life.  throw in my taiwanese heritage and you have an interesting cultural marriage.
scratch that.  i got divorced.  so much for 'permanence', eh?

what else should you know?

this blog is me, clearlytangled - mostly crafts, but also part travel, part food, and part everything else- what i'd like to think of as a cheerful, clearly tangled mess. after all, isn't that all life is?

i believe in function + aesthetics. in minimalism + whimsy. in white + orange. in good food. everyday.
oh and once, a zebra bit me. it hurt. a lot.

i don't capitalize. i'm sorry.  it's just too flashy for me, not to mention that lower-case letters are cuter.  plus, my hands ache a lot from repetitive keystroking, and i'm convinced that the reduced use of my shift key will minimize the discomfort.

thanks for visiting, and i hope to see you often!


  1. I sometimes refer to life as a bowl of spaghetti noodles. I like your reference as a tangled mess better. How many times have I had to straighten tangled spools of thread and balls of yarn? To many to count.

  2. Typo error! Too many to count!



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