Wednesday, December 5, 2012


after months of bouncing around from boston - houston - taipei - houston, i'm ending my year in a new city that i'm learning to call home.

i packed what i could fit in my car and with my mother drove 1,484 miles.

to be fair, she drove most of it.

my mom is a speed demon.  seriously.

she spent a couple days with me, putting my boxes into storage and also taking some time to explore the area.

it's such a beautiful place. in the short time i've been living here, i already feel more at ease and at home than i ever did in boston.

am i terrified? absolutely.  but every time i stand on the beach watching the crashing waves, i feel like everything is going to be alright.

hello, san diego.  it is so nice to be here.


  1. i love the photos!
    p.s. you're awesome for packing what fits in your car & moving to san diego. i would love to do that but would never have the guts.

  2. San Diego looks gorgeous! Have fun getting settled :)

  3. beautiful photos. here's to the next chapter...



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