Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day weekend recap

we made a rather last minute decision to make a quick road trip up to maine this past long weekend.   one of the greatest things about new england is that everything is so close.  we didn't venture too far into the state, but saw a few lighthouses, and simply enjoyed the outdoors.  

how do you like to spend your long weekends? are you the type to go on spontaneous trips?

more crafts to come soon- i have a tutorial or two up my sleeve.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

je ju island, south korea

it's getting a bit late to blog about this, so i'll make it brief. after our visit to taiwan, we headed straight to south korea to visit family friends.  our lovely hosts had arranged that we leave immediately to je ju island, an island at the very south.   we spent three days there, exploring the island with a private tour guide/photographer. our hosts had arranged our itinerary down to the T, and so all we had to do was follow. it was a mixture of indulgence (had a couple extremely rigorous massages given by tiny ladies and enjoyed some spa time) and sight-seeing. our activities ranged from seeing an elephant show to walks along the coast, eating tasty korean food, and even a surprise wedding shoot for my parents.  i played bridesmaid, while my parents dressed up as the bride and groom. our friend told me that she had arranged the photo shoot so that my parents could feel like newlyweds again.  how cute is she?  it may be one of the top 10 funniest activities of my life.   while i won't share any wedding shoot photos, here are few others from the trip.    

Saturday, May 21, 2011

fabric hoarder

i am a fabric hoarder.

over the last few years, i have amassed quite a collection, not so much because i buy an excessive amount of fabric, but more because i have trouble deciding what i want to use it for.   it's not an easy decision, you know.

sometimes i just take out fabric and admire how beautiful it is, raw, clean, and uncut.

do you know what i mean?

however, on a whim, i decided to make something out of my new hippo fabric from taiwan: a passport sleeve.  the back jacket slides into a pocket, and it closes with an elastic band.  this way, the passport is protected but still easy to take in and out at the airport.  in my experience, customs and other airline security generally ask for passports to be removed from their sleeves, so i figured this would be a suitable design.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new fabric

don't ask me what the sign says.  i can recognize two characters in the shop name.  "bird" and "fabric".  i also know that on the far left it says "japanese import fabric".  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i ate my way through taiwan

i had a few objectives during my trip to taiwan:

1) spend quality time with relatives
2) sight see (for once)
3) eat as much great food as humanly possible

if given a letter grade for how well each objective was met, i'd give myself a B- for numbers one and two, but a solid, golden A for number three.  i have to thank my cousins for my triumphant grade, as they absolutely excel at eating.  in fact, i had forgotten how much more they love food than i do- something i think most people who know me would find difficult to believe.

almost everything that passed through my lips during the trip was delicious (and really, no exaggeration here).  i think it was a combination of my family's good taste, my genetic predisposition to love taiwanese food (if there is such a thing), and the icky asian food that i've had to put up with since our move to boston.  hearing me proclaim that i planned on gaining twenty pounds on my trip, my cousins accepted the challenge  seriously.  they did quite a bit of strategic planning, that often called for random stops on the road so they could wait in an absurdly long line for an interesting beverage or other street vendor food.  we would then all share a portion to ensure that we wouldn't get too full before the next food stop.  

one of the best places to eat a wide range of delicious goodies is at the night markets.  i also really enjoy being able to watch as my food is prepared.  here's a brief glimpse of some of the goodies we devoured.

hot hot hot scallion pancakes

i watched in fascination while this man made incredibly thin wraps (ours had a variety of vegetables inside) with just the twist of his fist.

i tried one of these for the first time - a thin crepe like shell with a red bean filling. we also tried ones with  cream filling and vegetable filling. mmm. so. good.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

globe trotting: taiwan

several weeks ago, i was talking to my mother on the phone about her upcoming plans to visit taiwan. during our conversation i mentally counted the years it had been since i had last gone with her and spent time with my relatives. it came out to be nearly ten years. i counted again. could it really have been that long?

the years really do go by with a blink of the eye.

so i did what i should have done several years ago. i invited myself to go along.

i had the best time ever.

the food. the family. everything.
here are some photos from my trip. it appears that i forgot to take pictures of taipei, which has become quite the city. as for the food, i think i'll have to save those photos for an entry of their own. most of the pictures below are from outside taipei.

a six person bicycle. loads of fun.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

felt tissue cases revisited

last month i posted about felt tissue holders that my friend scrappybug made using a martha stewart tutorial.  i decided to make some with a twist- i added an elastic strap so that they could fit over the sun visor in our car.
to do so, follow martha's instructions of cutting a 5 7/8" X 6 3/4" piece of felt.  but instead of folding the short ends together in the middle, fold the long ends (at least the tissue packs i bought fit better this way) into the middle.  measure the around your car's visor and then subtract 6 inches from it (the length of the tissue holder).  cut a piece of elastic (i used about 1 inch wide elastic) of that length.

tuck in one end of the elastic (about .5 inch) into one of the short sides, centering it. sew down the side.  do the same with the other end.  make sure the elastic is on the back side, not the side with the slit opening. you'll have to pull the elastic a bit out so that you don't sew over it in two places.

back view.
finished with some embellishments.
and a third one, beaded, but without elastic, just for kicks. 


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