Saturday, April 24, 2010

afternoon tea- i mean, coffee- time

one of the things i miss about living in finland is the tradition of having coffee time in your home. coffee time is the same idea as the traditional english tea time, but the finns are much more fervent coffee drinkers than tea drinkers. i think i once heard somewhere that finns drink more coffee per person than any other country in the world. you would think that finnish coffee is superb with that kind of ranking, but i'm sorry to report that it's not. it's really not. in fact, it's closer to awful, and i assure you, i am not the only non-finn who will heartily agree. however, the tradition itself is lovely, and you always have the option of taking tea, and normally have an opportunity to have some kind of sweet or savory pastry.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

baby kimono shirt


this past weekend, my friend olivia's baby had her first birthday party. it also happened to be the first baby birthday party that i had ever been to. it was panda themed, in case you were wondering, and the birthday girl was decked out in a cute little panda shirt and embroidered pants. there were panda hats, banner, and cake- and not to mention tons of food, plus favors for the kids AND grownups. i must say, it was a very educational and fun experience for us non-parents.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

queen city emporium- springfield, missouri

a few weeks ago, i was approached by queen city emporium, a new retail store in springfield, missouri, selling artisan handmade goods and supplies. when i say new, i really mean new. the grand opening is today!

they asked me if i would be interested in selling my flatware pouches and extra shopping bags in their store, and i said yes. so, as you can imagine, i've been pretty busy utilizing the spare moments after work sewing, in order to get my goods to them before opening day.


if you happen to live in springfield, missouri, or plan to visit for any reason, see if you can stop by and check them out:
311 w commercial street, springfield, mo, 65803

an update: jan 18, 2011

to my surprise, i have noticed a recent influx on comments on this particular post in recent weeks. i thought i should address these comments. first of all, i want to express to everyone below how awful i feel for all of you for having such terrible experiences with them! i thought i should also share that my consignment with QCE was also similarily negative, but it seems that i came out of it luckier than most other vendors have. i did end up receiving all my items back, in good condition, unlike most vendors i have heard from. i do not, in any way, support their establishment. i hope that all the vendors involved will receive all their items back (or payment for them) in good condition!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a favor, dear reader

i need to ask you for a teensy weensy favor. it's going to sound a little strange, so i'll give you some history first, and perhaps then you'll understand why. or maybe you'll just think that i'm off my rocker. or both.

most people would agree that i seem to be some sort of magnet for misfortune. sometimes they are just small, irritating things. sometimes they are kind of big. you know, like a hurricane hitting our low-risk area home while we're on vacation. or being bitten by a zebra. i could go on for a while.

but i'm really here to talk about the afore mentioned, little, irritating things in life that get me down. the small misfortunes that seem to happen far too often to be a coincidence, and seem more like a curse.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


holidays are a great excuse to buy flowers. 
they never fail to brighten your home + your day. 
hope you had a fabulous weekend.


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